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Once upon a night - island beach party

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BazTicket Account

Your BazTicket Account gives you access to your BazTicket wallet, which is linked to your RFID/NFC bracelets for events using them for access control and purchases. You’ll be given the RFID/NFC bracelet on the event day. 

Refill your BazTicket wallet online or on the day of the event, and use your credit at the different bars.

Unspent credit after the event ? No worries. You can use your credit for the next event, purchase tickets on the website or get refunded by bank transfer.

When you purchase on the website, an account is automatically created for you. Please use the same email as your Facebook during purchase, so that you can login directly without having to remember another password.

Click on the Facebook icon below to login/register via Facebook.

Please ask your attendees to register by clicking on the Facebook icon. After registration, they will need to fill their first name and last name correctly in the account details section, so that their wallet can be configured and given to them on the day of the event. Their full names should be correctly indicated as attendees in your ticket when you purchase.

If you don’t want to proceed with your Facebook account, and prefer the traditional username and password, click on My Account to register an account.

How it works ?

  • Buy your ticket online.
  • Pay using credit card, bank transfer, JUICE or PayPal
  • Receive your ticket instantly when paying using credit card or PayPal.
  • Tickets paid by JUICE or bank transfer are sent within 24 hours when payment has been issued.
  • Check your SPAM if you haven’t received your ticket within above time frame.
  • Your e-ticket contains a unique QR code. Present it the day of the event.

We're here to help !

Our hotline is here to answer your query. Haven’t received your ticket? Any question about the event?

Pourquoi nous ?


Notre équipe dédiée est à votre écoute via notre hotline ou par email.


Aucune chance de perdre ton ticket. Il a un QR unique pour le récupérer.


Protégeons l’environnement avec le numérique !


De temps et d’argent. Economise ton temps et ton essence.


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Remplis le formulaire pour t’inscrire à la guest list de nos évènements privés. Tes informations resteront confidentielles ! 


Remplis le formulaire pour t’inscrire à la guest list de nos évènements privés. Tes informations resteront confidentielles !