Linzy Bacbotte

1st November | 6pm - 11.30pm

An authentic and rhythmic experience with Linzy at SALT of Palmar. Awaken your senses with a unique live show set on the scenic eastern coast.



STAY (1st NOV)


Back again for yet another immersive experience, SALT of Palmar brings to you our local star, Linzy Bacbotte, for a night filled with rhythm, succulent food and authenticity.

Fans can relish in the live concert in the picturesque decor and avant-garde atmosphere of SALT as from 9pm and enjoy an experience they won’t forget.

For the full package experience, join us at 6pm for a relaxing cocktail at the beach bar before indulging in the SALT signature dinner at the Restaurant, and its 20% discount offer on beverages to the sound of Mauritius’ unwavering heartthrob.


Set against the natural backdrop of the eastern coast, SALT of Palmar offers you Mauritius in all its splendor, class and raw beauty. From a lavish decor to the selection of the best local ingredients, their motto is to be real and authentic, honouring the richness of Mauritian culture and sharing it with the world.

Freshly opened in 2018, SALT of Palmar, the new hotel of the LUX* Collective, becomes the perfect background for this event. Authentic and exotic with a trendy mix between modern and traditional, SALT is the latest stop by excellence to celebrate Mauritian pride and culture in a luxurious 5-star setting.


Fresh, local and tasty. The Restaurant brings to the table the rich flavour of Mauritian cuisine made from the best quality ingredients. The chefs have mastered the wok, the tandoor and the charcoal grill to offer you a plethora of authentic dishes bursting with flavour.

The Restaurant mixes the modern and the artisanal for a real SALT experience. An herb wall and a vegetable cellar are testimonials of the freshness of their ingredients. Gone are the days of the easy buffet, this is a creative style of cuisine where Mediterranean and Middle Eastern meets Mauritian.


The Rooftop Bar is the perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing drink while overlooking the ocean. This cosy and colourful sitting area offers an unforgettable view of the beach, the hotel and its surroundings for a night on top of the world.

Choose from a selection of unique mountain-themed cocktails invented and expertly crafted by the Rooftop bartenders for your enjoyment and the celebration of exquisite, natural ingredients and top-quality beverages.




It is in 1987 that Linzy Bacbotte takes her first steps on the stage of Star 2000. This young and fearless girl of only 9 years old soon won over the hearts of thousands of mauritians and still continues to seduce us with her unique, powerful voice, and her inspiring drive. Years after this memorable debut, Linzy is now an icon of soul, a symbol of limitless talent and a celebrator of life.

For this event, Linzy shares her passion, melodious voice and fire with you for a night of pure entertainment and a break from your everyday monotony.